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What's the value of connectivity in the workplace?

Vital Germaine

Putting down our guard and our ego, being receptive and fully cognisant or aware of our colleagues and ourselves allows for a stronger sense of CONNECTIVITY. The ego is often the root cause of conflicts and misunderstandings. 

Allowing for authenic, sincere and open expression can encourage a sense of vulnerability which makes people more relatable. Relatability creates stronger bonds. The more common threads we can create between ourselves and our peers, the higher the performance levels we will achieve. A team that works together on a relatable and common level is a team that THRIVES. 

To further strengthen the team, consider encouraging such important fundamentals as, camaraderie, collaboration, listening, appreciation, respect and understanding - and most definitely empathy and LOVE.

With these common threads in place, all barriers such as: cultural, social, economic, gender and religious etc, can be broken down, allowing for people to relate more to each other and therefore exist in a more harmonious and profitable environment.

Put down you guard, and allow yourself to CONNECT - it will improve some many elements of life both at work and home. 


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