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3 Actionable Steps to Build a Championship Winning Group of Employees.

Vital Germaine

In today’s faster-than-ever changing business trends and economic globalization, the business paradigm has inevitably shifted. The challenge of becoming and remaining relevant or winning championships has become more testing than ever as the consumer becomes more and more spoiled for choice. Success ultimately boils down to leadership and culture.

There is so much more to leadership today than having people follow you. We’re becoming a networking society where collaboration is key, innovation essential and responsibility belonging to many individuals, not just one.

Our influence on others needs to be more about empowerment rather than authority if we want our business or company to achieve, succeed and thrive.

The 3 actionable pillars to winning a championship in the business world are as follows:


Incite your team to be more engaged by leveraging their ideas.  The only way to achieve this is by promoting a more creative, expansive and encompassing mindset that enhances their ability to generate novel and relevant ideas, conceive innovative concepts and envision or embrace new strategies and methodologies. It will broaden your team’s horizons and change their perspectives.

Invite more collaboration and idea sharing. Embrace mistakes and fail quickly. Most ideas initially disappoint, yet create a path to accomplishment by default of having planted a seed with potential that if correctly watered will blossom.  The expression of one bad idea often initiates a reaction that leads to a great idea.

In addition, humans have a fundamental need to express and be creative (Maslo’s Hierarchy of Needs  - Self Actualization). When employees are engaged in this process they feel vested in a project and take pride. They will nurture their contribution like a little baby they gave birth to, filled with pride, joy and love.


When a team works cohesively void of speed bumps caused by ego’s or lack of personal and emotional connections and relationships, they open up and become more receptive and inclined to collaborate and excel through the support, trust and encouragement of their peers.

It’s a question of putting down our guards and focusing on the bigger picture or the common goal from which the unified team takes pride in achieving.

Talent, teamwork, expertise, commitment, determination and desire fueled by passion, wins championships. If not, add a more cowbell!


Gallup surveys show that 1 in 2 employees are unhappy or disengaged at work due to failing leadership and mediocre organizational culture. A happy employee is an engaged, productive and efficient employee. The math is simple.

1.    Companies with a highly engaged workforce improved operating income by 19.2%.

2.    Increased employee engagement and commitment can increase customer satisfaction.

3.    A 1% increase in employee commitment can lead to a monthly increase of 9% in sales.

It can’t be denied that happy teams that are in sync and have fun playing together are more inclined to thrive, reach higher and win championships.  

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