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7 Steps To Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

Vital Germaine

American football broadcaster and former player, Jimmy Johnson says, "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra."

It’s never easy to remain energized and motivated in any work environment. Company culture and leadership can and does influence engagement, but it is ultimately a personal choice as to the work ethic we establish and execute for ourselves. Becoming extraordinary or achieving greatness is an individual endeavor that burns from within.

  1. PASSION: Withou passion, there is niether fuel nor direction to achieve a desired outcome. Passion is more than an intense LOVE or a compelling enthusiasm for an action or goal. It is also a love and compelling enthusiasm for those with whom you work or interact with. In other words... ADD MORE COWBELL, it will take you the extra mile! Nonetheless, passion without a plan is easily wasted! 
  2. PURPOSE: It is crucial to have a "WHY." When our why is evident it adds meaning to what we do and how we do it. Purpose propells us to pursue and achieve because the reason becomes larger and more powerful than just ourselves. Human's have an innate desire or need to have a positive impact on those around us. Tap into that desire or need and inertia will take care of the rest and elevate your successes.
  3. BE CHILDLIKE: By being child-like and curious we find fun in the scary. Our inner child tends to be less handcuffed and willing to explore, stumble and discover. 
  4. HAVE FUN: We are better when laughing, enjoying and having fun... better parents, better friends, better employees, better lovers, BETTER EVERYTHING! We learn more, we experience less fear and are more invigorated, enthusiastic and optimistic when enjoying what we do.
  5. WILLINGNESS TO FAIL: From failure come lessons and experience and new opportunities. The key is to not be afraid and to fail quickly. Use failure as a platform to build upon. It takes courage.
  6. AUTHENTICITY: Be YOUnique. Be you in your truest and best form. Commit to share the best of you consistently and in a way that makes you memorable, likeable and trustable. Share the best of your truest self and inspire those around you to better themselves.
  7. STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE:  That's where the magic happens. That's where ordinary becomes extraordinary! Take the risk, let go, be free, explore, discover, surprise yourself and achieve. Don't be afraid to fail.

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THANK YOU for reading - Vital Germaine