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7 Keys to Optimizing Team Dynamics for Elevated Profits

Vital Germaine

All businesses need engaged employees. All businesses must have sustainable models, ecosystems or designs in place to keep the company progressing and remaining relevant and competitive in today's faster-than-ever changing climate.

At the heart of any business is culture, embodied by it's employees. Employees are the front line of how your customers experience your brand. If employees are not engaged, profits will suffer extensively - up to $370 BILLION annually according to Gallup!

To optimize team dynamics it's crucial to have a solid culture that allows employees, if not invites them to thrive.


  1. Are your employees a good fit for your culture and goals?

  2. Are you providing an environment that promotes collaboration and idea sharing?

  3. Are you investing in your employees and setting them up for success?

  4. Are you listening, relating and communicating clearly with your tribe?

  5. Are you providing employees with inspirational leadership that stimulates growth and passion?

  6. Are you enabling innovation and encouraging if not inviting change?

  7. Are such values as love, respect, gratitude, kindness and appreciation a default setting within your culture?

As a former artist and team captain in Cirque du Soleil, I can attest to the value of culture and team dynamics - it's impact on performance is undeniable and heavily effects the customers overall experience beyond the stage.

Every customer interaction must leave a positive impression on every level of that experience. A great show experience could be compromised because the service provided by one disengaged team member at the popcorn stand or bar was lousy if not frustrating.

But imagine, if you could raise the applause level of your customers as if they were experiencing a memorable and amazing show from A to Z. How would that effect your bottom line?


Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results - Andrew Carnegie

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THANK YOU for reading - Vital Germaine