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Top 5 drivers that optimize employee performance

Vital Germaine

Every company wishes they could improve and optimize the productivity and efficiency of their employees. By doing so, profits would increase. However, most companies fail miserably in regards to getting the best out of their employees. Your customers suffer as a result, as does your brand. It's really simple! Make your employees feel great about working for (or with) you and they will thrive, elevating Customer Experiences.

“The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.” –Sybil F. Stershic

The 5 following drivers will optimize employee performance. Collectively, they come under the umbrella of respect.

1. LISTEN: Wall Street journalist and top-selling author Bryant H. McGill says that, one of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. Sir Richard Branson further highlights the value and impact of listening in his book, THE VIRGIN WAY, how to listen, learn and lead. There are however different types of listening ranging from PRETEND listening to EMPATHETIC listening. As leaders we must place ourselves in the shoes of those we influence. We must truly listen to understand, rather than listen to await our turn to speak. Empathetic listening is the only way to truly hear and understand. How empathetic are you in your listening skills? 

2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Everybody likes to be acknowledged regardless of their "love" language. It's a great tool to express appreciation, and there is nothing more impactful than feeling appreciated, be it in the workplace or at home. Acknowledgment can be an announcement at a meeting, a personal pat on the back, an email, a recognition memo, an award... the options to demonstrate appreciation are endless and the rewards are massive. 

3. HELP: Modern leadership is shifting to increased autonomy in the workplace, with hierarchy fading into yesterday's outdated standards. The key is to set your employees free, all the while offering help, support and encouragement whenever needed. We all need help! Make sure that help or support are a clearly communicated option within your culture and business strategy. In addition, make sure that the channels to obtain help are easy and simple. Don't let bureaocracy or process hinder the ability for your team to ask for advice or obtain help.  Knowing that leadership has your build the confidence of team members.

4. GRATITUDE: A simple thank you is the most direct form of valuing the efforts, insight, expertise, and time that your team offers and shares - also be grateful for their failures as they are platforms from which to learn, grow and improve. Gratitude in any capacity offers high rewards regarding feelings of well-being. A simple verbal thank you goes along way in terms of employee engagement. Consider taking it to a different level by extending thank you cards or other tangible gestures that show you care and appreciate. 

5. EMPOWER: Have confidence that your team will do the right thing at the right time. If you have trained them well, clearly communicated company objectives and implementation strategies, then you're well positioned get out of their way. Let them know you trust them by giving them the power to take initiatives and make decisions. Empowerment is not a free for all. It will depend on your culture and who you've hired.  Strong and effective modern leaders hire the right people. Once this quintessential first step has been achieved you are cleared for take-off.  When employees feel they have ownership in decision-making and ideas, they will nurture and take pride in that work as if it was their own baby.  Besides, you'll be surprised as to who will step up when handed responsibility and freedom. 

At ENGAGE we offer fun and meaningful trainings and keynotes that focus on optimizing employee engagement. We revitalize and build happier teams that thrive and learn how to fly without a net. We are agents of relevant change in culture and leadership. Contact us today and initiate the paradigm shift!

THANK YOU for reading - Vital Germaine