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Why creativity is crucial to your organization's success.

Vital Germaine

  1. Of CEOs polled, 60% agreed that creativity was the most important skill to have in a leadership role.

  2. Companies that foster creativity are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their competitors regarding revenue growth?

  3. 43% of business executives that participated in a 2014 PwC study agreed that innovation is a “competitive necessity” for their organization.

  4. A 2016 study by Nielson shows that 63% of customers like it when manufacturers offer new products.

  5. 82% of companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business results.

Innovation mindset.

A fundamental component of growth and innovation is a creative mindset, whereby perspectives and boundaries are broadened, attitudes are changed, horizons are expanded, scaling established and relevance maintained. This in turn sponsors the production of new and relevant ideas and methodologies. Without creativity there can be no differentiation. The modern consumer is engaged by the new, the faster and the better. 

Gallup Chairman and CEO, Jim Clifton said in a Fast Company article that, "To stay competitive, we have to lead the world in per-person creativity." 


Innovation is no easy achievement. It takes courage to implement, let alone make a part of your cultural DNA. It's your strongest differentiator! It is not an overnight outcome, but the result of ongoing and repeated exploration, risk-taking, mistakes. Organizations must have a pulse on the needs and pain-points of the modern consumer and adapt accordingly. The modern consumer desires, if not demands technology and innovation to improve and simplify their lives. 

The fact is every successful business needs innovation and a forward thinking culture in order to compete and stay relevant in todays faster-than-ever, changing business trends. Clients are hungrier than ever to find that next best thing. Creative ingenuity provides a platform upon which to shape that next best thing – be it developing memorable sensory experiences for your customers, or implementing ground-breaking marketing and sales strategies - even identifying new markets, or creating defining products that will separate you from your competitors.


At ENGAGE build happier, forward thinking cultures that elevate customer experiences and increase company profits.

We are renowned for our ability to inspire teams to see beyond the ego, embrace differences and deny inhibitions. The result for you the client is a more engaged, more focused and dynamic, collaborative team effort. This promotes problem-solving, while increasing produtivity and efficiency. It also lays a foundation for a healthier and happier work environment where everybody can thrive and thereby strengthening your brand and increasing revenue.