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Sales versus loyalty? Inspire versus influence?

Vital Germaine


Sales versus loyalty.

Any good sales rep can persuade a customer to buy more (upsell/cross-sell). A great sales rep will inspire the customer to come back again and again because a meaningful and emotional connection has occurred. Influence and persuasion are only short term solutions.

I am a huge admirer of Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends and Influence People) though believe we’ve long entered a new thought era where “persuasion and influence” are yesterday’s business approaches (some of you are groaning). We are now in a purpose-driven climate. Thank you Millennials for inspiring this needed shift. Connecting to people’s heart is what evokes action and drives sales.

Emotions drive human behavior. It’s that simple. 2 for 1 deals and slashed prices are only a short term incentive. When the deal is better across the street, your customers will jump ship. Now what? You’ll need more and new persuasive or influential tactics.

Do this instead.

  1. Provide customer’s with relevant and valuable information (personalized solutions)

  2. Offer your customers meaning that connects you and them to a bigger picture

  3. Have relatable core values that motivate

The intention of the sale should be to empower by bringing value. The intention of the sale should be purely to solve a problem. The intention of the sale should be to emotionally connect with the consumer. This shift in intention will actually increase sales and drive customer loyalty. Your sales strategy should be relationship or connection driven and not numbers driven. Some already know this and implement effectively. For others this is a huge shift. The most adaptable survive if not thrive.

Inspire versus influence.

Leadership is the same. If your objective is to persuade people to do things, or influence their decisions, it means it’s an ongoing battle to maintain that influence. If you inspire them, they navigate the journey on their own their own terms and with their own fuel. They’ll travel further, faster, longer and better.

Hopefully you feel inspired and not influenced or persuaded!

Vital Germaine

President of ENGAGEteams360

Vital is Las Vegas' most dynamic keynotes speaker and corporate trainer. His executive leadership experiences are designed to inspire extraordinary performance and promote the INNOVATION MINDSET.