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The business of imagination... turning ideas into $$$

Vital Germaine

How has Cirque du Soleil made innovation and excellence synonymous with its brand? What empowered them to redefine an industry and stand out like a beacon among the competition? What is that magic process and mindset and is it easy to replicate and implement into other industries and business models? The answer is a simple and emphatic, oui, yes! See you below.


The word imagination isn’t used a lot in business; however, imagination is essentially how ideas are formed. Ideas that have an execution strategy, follow through and backed by effective marketing become scaleable money generators that bring value to the world. The world needs and loves innovation. The modern consumer is addicted to the new, the better, the faster, that which simplifies their lives and saves them time.

Today’s modern business strategies and practices exist in the fastest changing climate in the history of humankind. Differentiation has become the new orange. Imagination and creativity are necessary ingredients to stand out, be unique and maintain social and commercial relevance.

Many scholars, academics, philosophers, and modern thought leaders have declared that, “knowledge is power.” Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Don’t intimated or be misguided by the word imagination as if it’s something reserved for the artistic people or “The Creatives” of this world. Imagination is a secret super power we all have.

Imagination fuels creativity. Creativity drives innovation and innovation is dependent on risk, idea sharing and the confidence to express. In business, this mindset leads to market relevance, sustainability and scalability or $$$.

The top 10 ways to stimulate or inspire imagination are as follows.

  1. Spend time alone: solitude invites the mind to wonder.

  2. Take time to do nothing: boredom triggers the mind.

  3. Be curious: curiosity leads to exploration, exploration leads to discovery.

  4. Allow your thoughts to roam free: get out of your head and don’t analyze or overthink.

  5. Read fiction, play games, listen to music (classical and new age): synapses are stimulated.

  6. Defy conformity: get that stick out of your ass and let your hair down… I dare you to fall off the edge with your thoughts and desires.

  7. Negate reasoning and logic: they are both overrated and inprisoning. Unlock your chains. Enjoy!

  8. Connect with your inner child: that is your true super power… wheeeee!

  9. Daydream: even do this at work. Tell your boss I said it’s ok and a great idea.

  10. Express and share ideas: conversation is like oxygen to a fire… avoid naysayers and haters. They will only dull the flames of innovation.

Now that your imagination is empowered to run rampant, reel it in, add strategy, do some R&D, scrape your knees from the “failures” and adjust accordingly. Wash, rinse, repeat! Grow, innovate, deliver more value, make $$$.

Vital Germaine

President of ENGAGEteams360

Vital is Las Vegas' most dynamic keynotes speaker and corporate trainer. His executive leadership experiences are designed to inspire extraordinary performance.


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