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The tragic outcome of human disconnectedness

Vital Germaine

Hurt, angry people do hurtful angry things, such as the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

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Why do people choose to take innocent lives to make a statement, albeit personal, political or religious?

When such acts of hate and violence happen in your home back yard, it seems to resonate a lot louder than from the perils happening in another corner of the world. I can't help to wonder, why?

I am both proud and disgusted to be a human being. This is all so emotionally overwhelming and confusing. 

A lack of love, understanding, acceptance, connection and belonging are often the root cause of acts of violence and hate. This modern "connected" world is so emotionally disengaged and desensitized to the basic emotional needs of fellow humans. We are more lonely, less understood, over-stimulated and too distracted to value the truly relevant aspects of a meaningful life. Where is George Carlin when we need him? 

I am not taking a stance as to what's right, wrong, better or worse. That's for each and everyone of us to ask individually. It is, however, time to ask the necessary and difficult questions and address the pink elephant in the room while he's just taken a massive dump in our living room? Thought must be provoked in order to find a potential answer to this hurtful madness.

Is it finally time to have a gentlemanly discourse as to what can and should be done to prevent such events from happening again, and again, and again? Solutions need to be entertained in order to disrupt what no longer appears to work. 

Logic tells me that the best time to address a wound, is when it's fresh and gushing gallons of blood. That brings urgency. This is urgent!

Is it too early to suggest a conspiracy or cover-up?  

The apparent act of a loner who at the age of 64 suddenly, "loses it," seems a little strange. Yes, time will reveal a clearer picture. But will it? Will the truth of the 1 October in Vegas disappear behind the magic media curtain?

Is it too soon to talk about gun laws?

Questioning our 2nd Amendment rights is not the discussion. Perhaps it's the ease as to which guns, let alone, military power weaponry can be purchased by a civilian. It takes longer and is harder to get a credit card approval than it is to purchase a gun. My eyes need checked and I need to study and pass a test before I can drive. Gun purchasing protocol and requisites? Too easy.

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Either way, it takes a total emotional disconnect to conceive, let alone, execute such a cold, heartless act. Perhaps that's where the answer begins; by minimizing the emotional reasons that drive such acts.

The reason behind such acts, I believe, is simple! MORE LOVE. I choose love! MORE MEANINGFUL HUMAN CONNECTION. Finding connections in this fast-paced disconnected world is the big challenge. 

We all need LOVE! Love, and all other primordial emotional needs when denied or lacking, can fuel resentment, hate, anger and evil. Without love and all that the word encompasses (respect, compassion, empathy... ), life gets dark, ugly and painful. 

There is a Southern African tribe called, The Babembe, who have a wonderful practice to resolve the issue of a person doing wrong or evil. They believe that those who do wrong are hurt souls and lack the fundamental emotional needs that drive good human behavior. They gather as a village and place the "bad person" in the center and spend days telling that person of all the wonderful and good things they are and have done. They share LOVE because an act of evil is considered to be a cry for help. This world needs help and it's crying out loud!


Answering that cry for help starts with ourselves. We have a humanitarian responsibility to share a little more love, to be a little more empathetic, compassionate and respectful of our differences and our emotional needs. The world is starving for more love, understanding, connection and forgiveness.

My love and condolences to all those who lost loved ones, and to those who were on-sight and experienced such horror. My gratitude to the heroes, and the Vegas and world community for spectacularly coming together by focusing on what brings us together.

If this blog was of any value, please share. #VEGAS STRONG!


Vital Germaine

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