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3 Simple Steps to Inspiring and Achieving Greatness

Vital Germaine

Many pursue and desire greatness but don't know how to achieve it or inspire it. Fortunately, through years of experience and extensive research, ENGAGE has created relevant and meaningful guidelines or tricks, approaches, attitudes and mindsets that can enthuse, activate, and enable extraordinary results on a personal and/or professional level. 

There is no quick fix, singular formula, pill or overnight solution to inspiring or achieving greatness. It is a process a never-ending pursuit that can be attained more easily than one thinks.

At ENGAGE, we have broken down the process into to 3 simple to follow steps listed below.  We call them: FUEL - AMMUNITION – TOOLS (F.A.T)

Establishing the “why” behind any pursuit or goal, and understanding the purpose and meaning is paramount. The more significant, expansive and encompassing your “why” is, and the greater its positive and relevant impact is on others, the easier it becomes to realize. We are always more driven by a cause that is greater than ourselves.

Here are the 3 SIMPLE STEPS (F.A.T).

  1. FUEL
  • Determination (drive, resilience, persistence)
  • Courage (inner strength)
  • Happiness (joy, love, humor and gratitude)
  • Belief (conviction, confidence)
  • Passion (desire, determination, feelings
  • Patience (endurance)
  • Respect (appreciation, acknowledgment, recognition



  • Meaning (significance)
  • Sense of Purpose (the why, the motivation, objective)
  • Social Relevance (who benefits)



  • Creativity Ingenuity (envisioning, trying new possibilities)
  • Awareness (self awareness and of our environment/people)
  • Childlike Approach (the love of exploration and discovery)
  • Adaptable Perspective (willing to change)
  • Positive Outlook (yes or why not)
  • Willingness to fail (without risk there is little reward)
  • Connectedness (egoless, authenticity, empathy) 

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