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ENGAGE: we inspire peak performance and elevateCustomer Experiences - For keynotes, trainings or workshops contact us at or 702. 523 1792

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Brand Philosophy

We design happier more forward-thinking cultures.

MISSION: To inspire and empower individuals and organizations to reach higher and fly without a net. We achieve this by stimulating creativity,  disrupting standards and revitalizing cultures. 

VISION: To be a relevant, high value consulting company that creates positive ripples and elevates Customer Experiences.

PURPOSE: To make the world a more open-minded, loving, empathetic and happier place at home and at work.

PROMISE: Deliver results by providing relevant content and actionable tools that incite action and promote change and innovation.

CORE VALUES:  Empathy. Fun. Integrity. Authenticity. Adaptability. Passion. Open-mindedness. Curiosity. Wellness. Courage and Resilience: Be Childlike. Be extraordinary.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and learn more, you are a leader.
— John Quincy Adams

THE NAME ENGAGE: After hours of brainstorming with a Las Vegas branding company, the proverbial aha moment happened! Brand architect, Tim Maina, formerly of Stance Branding, asked me endless question that day to fully understand the essence of my new company; what I had done, what I aspired to do, how and why I would do. The objective was to find a word that brought it all together that had meaning and was relevant.

Throughout the 4 hour session, there was one word that repeatedly came up but was overlooked and not documented. We were making it too complicated and looking too far and too deep. Often times the answer or solution is in plain view screaming to be seen and heard, if we'd only simplify the process. We ignored that one magic word.

As the session approached the end, frustration set in.  Endless potential names and tag-lines filled the chalkboard. None of them could bring together the many facets of who I was, what I did, how I did it and what I stood for.

All of a sudden, I asked Tim how many times I had said the word engage. Before he could answer,  I exclaimed, ENGAGE! that's it! "It's what I do, it's what I've always done as an entertainer, director, producer, manager, speaker and business owner. I’ve engaged audiences, now I’m going to engage leaders and teams. He yelled, yes that's it! We cracked up as to our blindness. How could we not have seen or heard that perfect answer? And hence ENGAGEteams360 was born. I love that word engage because it says so much and sums up who I am and what i do... it's why I exist. Without engaging my audiences to see in all directions, I can't inspire or empower.

Thank you Tim Maina. Your creative collaborative process of "and" revealed the answer!