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Executive Training

Become the executive who inspires extraordinary performance.

Executives need coaching too! The success of an organization begins at the top. When executives are great leaders who positively impact the company culture, great things happen. Become the modern executive leader who inspires extraordinary performance. We will provide a roadmap to get you there.

Our experiential program will help you develop more effective communication skills, strengthen emotional intelligence. You will lead with more confidence and have greater influence over your workforce.

TOP TEN EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TRAITS: With these skills in your arsenal, your organization and customers will benefit exponentially. ENGAGEteams360 will get you there efficiently and effectively.

  • Be Customer Focused.

  • Be Results Orientated.  

  • Have a Vision.  

  • Be Strategically Focused.

  • Effectively Get Work Done Through Others.

  • Be Good at Dealing with Conflict.

  • Ask Great Questions.

  • Make High-Quality Decisions.

  • Be a trusted leader.

  • Be an incredible communicator.

Learn more about impactful leadership solutions from top selling author and ENGAGEteams360’s President, Vital Germaine. In the REVISED EDITION of Imagination Will Take You Everywhere, shaping the mindset of innovation and transformation for leaders and cultures, you will get insight into Cirque du Soleil’s highly successful and industry-defining process on how to inspire extraordinary performance. The book provides actionable tools for leaders to leverage in office-space scenarios.

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