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Vital Germaine’s Youth Initiative is:

MISSION: To inspire and empower kids, teens and young adults to overcome their challenges and live richer lives.

VISION: To install belief and self-confidence in young adults so they can dream more and become more. I want to plant seeds of hope and belief and create positive ripples.


Shaping Young Lives

MISSION: To inspire and empower troubled teens while raising awareness of male child abuse

VISION: To install belief and confidence in young adults so they can dream more and become more. 

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GOAL: My summer goal is to provide FREE community workshops for the Las Vegas and Henderson (challenged) youth during the summer months and change the lives of as many kids and young adults as possible. They are the future. The objective is to provide a platform to elevate confidence, strengthen leadership and communication skills, and to increase their belief in achieving great things. The focus is on teens who live in challenging circumstances, though the reach is beyond that.

WHY? I want to plant seeds of hope and belief and create positive ripples.

HOW? I will be speaking at as many community based events that are focused on our youth. I will create FREE workshops for the youth and parents who wish to attend and be a part of the success story. I will partner with the community to optimize the impact.

STORY: As a "victim" of child abuse in its many forms, including sexual abuse, I relate to the challenges that our youth faces who come from broken homes, financially challenged circumstances and abusive backgrounds. They lack confidence, belief and resources to overcome, pursue dreams and taste success and self-worth.

I was fortunate to defy statistics with the help of a few role models who gave me hope and a path...  I came to America to live my dream by way of Cirque du Soleil. I have since experienced other  successes as an small business owner. I feel compelled to give back, inspire and empower others, in particular kids and young adults. I have written two books about the topic and speak on the subject as a motivational speaker. 

PAYBAC program: CCSD

Vital is very active and passionate about positively influencing our promising young leaders, providing them with tools and insight on how to fulfill their potential and achieve success.

He does it through mentorship, speaking,  acting as a judge at young leadership competitions, and holding leadership workshops. Vital values giving back and is very active in the community. He speaks to students of all ages and donates his time and resources to local charities. Causes include: Hero School, Big Brother’s Big Sisters, Southern Nevada Children First, AFAN, University of Nevada, PAYBAC, Cultural Diversity Foundation, Shade Tree.