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Vital Germaine

Is your culture and leadership setting up your employees for success?


As a former Cirque du Soleil performer, team captain, and recently as a consultant and facilitator for CIRQUE SPARK sessions (a new team development program), I learned many invaluable cultural lessons on how to inspire, empower and engage team members.

Your culture must be clearly defined, communicated and understood through your vision, mission, strategy and action plans. Keep it simple and evident. Make it diverse.

Cirque's philosophy was to drive innovation and excellence by constantly challenging their team members, but also themselves as a brand to optimize Customer Experiences. As performers we were challenged to extend our talents beyond established horizons and ignore the limitations of the proverbial box. They dared us to risk, try, fail and fall off the edge if not flat on our faces. That freedom and belief in our abilities allowed us to FLY WITHOUT A NET.

Without being challenged at work, employees tend to stagnate, they become complacent - they get bored.

The challenge at Cirque was not in the form of competition (though that, too was healthy), but rather by challenging us as individuals, as a team. They invited us to not only find the solution, but to become the solution. We are allowed to flex our creativity and decision-making muscles. By listening and building on our ideas, we felt a sense of ownership. They provided an environment and tools filled with opportunities for experimentation, learning and growth.

The challenge cannot be overwhelming, intimidating or simply beyond the potential of your team members, less initiate fight, flight or freeze response. Yet they must be push beyond their comfort zones to feel alive and engaged.

AT ENGAGE WE BUILD HAPPIER TEAMS AND TRANSFORM CULTURES by strengthening leadership and stimulating creativity. We'd love to engage your team and initiate a cultural paradigm shift that will result in increased profits and elevated Customer Experiences. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A PROPOSAL.


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Vital Germaine

Top-Selling Author of: FLYING WITHOUT A NET

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