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7 Leadership Best Practices Guaranteed to Increase Profits

Vital Germaine


Most would agree that strength of leadership is a key component to establishing successful cultural platforms  and organizational fortitude.  Companies can no longer rely on product alone to establish and maintain their piece of market share.

Having great leaders with strong communication skills will set your brand apart, and above the competition.

Leadership is the blood that runs through the veins of your culture. Investing in finding the right leaders who inspire greatness is crucial.  Providing them with relevant and actionable tools and training will guaranty exceptional Customer Experiences with a high ROI.

Take the time to evaluate your leadership  strength and adjust accordingly by implementing these 7 leadership qualities. They are all dependent on strong, clear, concise and effective communication.

  1. Show respect

  2. Give appreciation

  3. Have empathy and compassion

  4. Train those you lead to become leaders

  5. Lead to empower, and not for power

  6. Delegate and trust

  7. Love not fear

Jack Zenger writes a great article for FORBES, that demonstrates the direct correlation between great leaders communication and profits.

The graph below shows the impact of extraordinary leaders on the bottom line of the organization. The vertical axis shows total net income as $1.2M in losses for the bottom 10% of leaders, $2.4M for the middle 80%, and nearly $4.5M in gains for the top 10%. In summary, poor leaders lost money; good leaders made profit; and extraordinary leaders more than doubled the company’s profits in comparison to the other 90%!


AT ENGAGE WE BUILD HAPPIER TEAMS AND TRANSFORM CULTURES by strengthening leadership. We'd love to engage your team and initiate a cultural paradigm shift that will result in increased profits and elevated Customer Experiences.




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Vital Germaine