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Top 10 tips to resolve work conflicts.

Vital Germaine

Conflicts in the workplace and our personal lives are inevitable. They fracture meaningful relationships and weaken works in progress.  At the heart of most conflicts  is miscommunication and lack of understanding or empathy (emotional intelligence). The key is to resolve them quickly and effectively. How do you achieve that?

Here's how.


1.  MAINTAIN a positive outlook.

2.  PRACTICE Empathetic listening.

3.  ASK the other person to suggest a solution.

4.  SEEK to understand. 

5.  CONSIDER your role in the conflict and adapt accordingly.

6.  ACKNOWLEDGE the opinions and perspective of others.

7.  STATE your case tactfully.

8.  “ATTACK" the problem, not the person.

9.  AVOID the blame game. 

10.                ORGANIZE a necessary and concise staff meeting to openly discuss, with the focus on resolve.

Workplace conflicts can become costly to your organization's efficiency and productivity. Successful companies invest in their employees. They provide actionable trainings that are designed to optimize employee engagement, leadership and establish a collaborative culture. Add a bit of your own emotional intelligence and everybody is set up for success.

BRING IT ALL TOGETHER: Become more aware of your personal behavior, needs and emotional triggers. Become even more aware of those factors in others. Take action or respond from a healthy place. Keep an open mind. This will benefit all involved, including your customers.

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Vital Germaine


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