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Is creativity sometimes misunderstood in the business world?

Vital Germaine

Often times the logical, business mind can be thrown off, confused, if not intimidated by the word creativity. It can scare because it is associated, if not subconsciously interpreted as meaning "artistic". 

"Oh, I'm not creative in the slightest. I can't even draw a stick figure, or dance, let alone paint or play a musical instrument."

There is, however, a huge difference between being artistic and being creative. Art comes as a result of heightened creativity, but creativity is not limited to art.

More importantly, everybody is creative... but not everybody is artistic.

  • Creativity is more about having an open, curious, flexible and childlike mindset that allows for growth and expansion. It's the ability to generate innovative and original ideas; problem solve, see beyond limitations. It is an approach - an attitude - perspective - a mindset. A mindset that embraces and encourages the new, the different - a mindset that is adaptable to change and can have fun in the process. It is clarity and diversity of thought. Creativity can be science, philosophy, law, athletics, culinary, business, architectural, art, esthetics, math, politics and finances. 
  • Art is a talent, a refined skill (regardless of mindset) given to a select group of people. It evokes emotion and is valued for its beauty. Art is fueled by passion, extreme sensitivity, tragedy, oppression, interpretive expression, abstract thought and artistic communication (and a few other elements). Add your two cents please, as I don't wish to attempt to define what is and what is not art - it is in the eye of the beholder apparently and takes on many forms :)

Nonetheless, I will firmly argue that art is not synonymous to creativity. The business world needs and thrives on creativity to stimulate innovation, growth and sustainability. It does not need art... society does, nonetheless.

The fact is, every successful business needs innovation and a forward thinking mindset in order to compete and stay relevant in today's faster-than-ever, changing business trends. A creative approach can lead to the development of such valuable tools as, establishing memorable sensory experiences for your clients, to implementing cutting-edge marketing and sales strategies and methodologies - even identifying new markets, or fashioning a defining product that will separate you from your competitors. It leads to relevant paradigm shifts.

What creativity and art have in common is that they both originate from the launching pad of our imagination. And the beautiful thing is, WE ALL HAVE IMAGINATION.

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein 

Now, that quote comes from a scientific, mathematical and logical brain - that happens to be creative, yet not "artistic."

I invite you to come to your own "creative" and "artistic" conclusions as to what is what. In the meantime, I encourage you to remember that everybody has imagination and is therefore creative :)

Set yourself free to grow and expand through a more creative mindset and and open-spirited, adaptable attitude. Don't let the power of your imagination go to waste.

Oh, btw, I happen to be an artist in my spare time and believe to understand the difference.


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