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What is employee disengagement costing your organization? How to fix that?

Vital Germaine

According to Gallup, disengaged employees now cost the US economy $500 BILLION annually!

The human element, the power of leadership, strong team dynamics and the value of a happy and engaging cultures can no longer be denied. In this age of the consumer, the people element has become more relevant than ever.  

Business is becoming more and more about collaboration and information sharing. Modern leadership is less about hierarchy and power but more about autonomous decision making, empowerment, flexible schedules and employees (in particular Millennials), having a sense of purpose and opportunity within your company.

HAPPY ENGAGED teams win championships.

Your people are your front line to providing elevated CX. As we move into the information age where the customer expects more and has access to more, it is crucial that the human or people element be valued, nurtured and respected. 

The ROI is simple:  HAPPY ENGAGED teams win championships. Elevated Customer Experiences minimize pain points and build strong emotional connections with their customer through a multitude of platforms, strategies and action plans.  

Companies that are customer-centric in their culture and philosophy are more competitive and generate more income. WHY? Because those happy employees value and care more for the customer beyond the basic transaction. They will go the extra mile and make each and every customer feel valued and important, thus strengthening your brand and loyalty.


  1. Companies whose leadership rated high in ethics, employee motivation, and employee communication enjoy 20% higher profits! 
  2. In contrast, the lost productivity of actively disengaged employees cost the US economy $500 BILLION annually.
  3. Teams with a positive attitude will provide a 26% higher return on assets.
  4. Companies with a highly engaged workforce improved operating income by 19.2%.
  5. A 1% increase in employee commitment can lead to a monthly increase of 9% in sales.

At ENGAGE we understand the challenges of employee engagement and provide a multitude of actionable tools through our dynamic, memorable and impactful trainings, keynotes and workshops. Please contact us for a proposal and to help us understand how we can be of value to your organization.

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