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Vital Germaine

The summer is over and companies are returning to full swing in preparation for a succesful year. It's not easy to keep focus and maintain employee motivation. Your growth and profits depend on how engaged your employees are and what levels of customer experience they provide.

In the words of Shep Hyken, "Customers are smarter than ever and looking for more value. More than just customer service, they want a great customer experience."

At ENGAGE we partner with our clients to offer relevant, actionable and impactful team development trainings, keynotes and workshops that elevate employee engagement. We build happier teams. The ultimate objective is to grow and strengthen your brand and increase sales.

Without happy engaged employees, the most efficient processes, the best products and premium environments only cater for the transaction slice of sales that are void of the necessary emotional connection tying the brand, story and experience to the guest. Companies cannot ignore the value of their employees if they are to grow, succeed and provide the cusomers with great experiences.

Everything within your culture and everybody within your tribe must be aligned in a cohesive way that best communicates or shares your brand promise. Your happy employees will be more attentive, more helpful, more aware, and tuned into your customers needs and expectations. Your HAPPY EMPLOYEES, reinforced by product, process, environment and culture, will inherently provide eleveated customer experiences. 

3 FACTS about happy employees:

  1. Happy employees have a 10% lower absentee record.
  2. Happy employees will have a 10% lower turn over rate.
  3. Happy employees will be 5% more productive.

Creating a happy culture with positive and engaged employees translates to more $$$ for your business. It can't and shouldn't be overlooked. More importantly, investing on building happier teams is a fundemental need in today's highly competitive business climate as your clients are looking for a memorable experience delivered by YOUR TEAM.

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THANK YOU for reading - Vital Germaine