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5 reasons why we need more kindness in life and business

Vital Germaine


Kindness is a highly valuable human quality that requires zero skill and zero effort. It offers endless benefits for the self and for others on a personal and business level. It’s about treating people with respect while honoring your value system. Sometimes it means being tough. It definitely doesn’t mean being weak or submissive.

It stems from empathy, arguably the foundation of Emotional Intelligence. Kindness encompasses many other impactful behavioral traits. 

It manifests in many forms: respect, appreciation, caring, open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness.  It's simply the right thing to be and do.




the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.


Highly successful people are emotionally intelligent and demonstrate kindness. Their giving and understanding disposition provides value to those they interact with and influence.

1. KINDNESS MAKES PEOPLE FEEL GOOD: On a scientific level, kindness stimulates feel-good hormones like dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. This feeling of well-being minimizes and helps eliminate cortisol, the stress hormone. A sense of emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness is key to our health. Kindness is an act that not only benefits the recipient but also the giver. Givers experience increased activity in the reward center of the brain promoting happiness. We all like to feel good. We all desire and deserve happier lives.

2. KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS: One act of kindness inspires and leads to another. It is hard to not pay it forward because kindness is the default setting of humanity. Make somebody's day with your emotional generosity and thoughtfulness. Send out a positive ripple effect that will impact those around you, who in feeling good, will have a positive impact on those they interact with.

3. KINDNESS CONNECTS PEOPLE: Life experiences and conventional wisdom teach us that kindness is weak. Times have changed. The era of stoicism as a sign of strength is fading. Humans are searching for deeper and more meaningful connections. Kindness invites and initiates those connections. There are, however, times when clear boundaries need to be established in the event your kindness is abused. Honor, respect and be kind to yourself.

4. KINDNESS OPTMIZES PERFORMANCE: When humans share or experience kindness it energizes their spirit and fills them with optimism and enthusiasm. They feel good about themselves which elevates confidence and boosts performance. Be kind to your family, friends, colleagues and strangers. Inspire and empower them to thrive with the simple gift of kindness.

5. KINDNESS DRIVES CUSTOMER LOYALTY: On a purely business level and in this modern age of the consumer where product is no longer the differentiator, customer loyalty is driven by how customers emotionally connect with your brand and the people who deliver your brand experience. When leaders are kind to their employees, a collective sense of happiness and well-being emerges within that culture. The company benefits from a kind culture. Customers will benefit from the happiness emitting from your culture. They will be inspired to be loyal. It's a win-win.

Live a richer life and make the world a better place one act of kindness at a time. The easiest and most effective place to start is with a simple smile.

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness."

- William Arthur Ward

Vital Germaine

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