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Do you care to elevate Customer Experiences?

Vital Germaine

During a recent corporate training, an executive raised the question, “Can you teach somebody to care?” The general consensus was surprising.


How much we care on any given day at work is relative or dependent on our emotional state at that time. In other words, our levels of care fluctuate. What is not relative is the correlation between caring and Customer Experience Index scores. CSI scores will influence your company's reputation and determine customer loyalty. When customers feel disrespected or insignificant, they simply don't return... furthermore, their reviews will effect your profits and brand strength.

The majority of executives in attendance agreed that the art of caring could not be taught. People either care or they don’t. How disappointing.

So how do you fix the problem of non-caring employees other than firing them, because on-boarding new hires costs time and money. There is a more effective solution. It consists of not only hiring the right people, but also providing great training. Teach them these 5 simple behavioral tools and they will act as if they truly care.

Leadership must first establish a culture of caring and happiness as the barometer. Then, provide those non-caring employees with actionable behavioral tools to reinforce the culture. Tools that when implemented, give the appearance of a person that does care. Read about the five tools that will make your employees deliver extraordinary experiences.

Vital Germaine

President ENGAGE

6 Relevant Company Culture Stats You Need to Know About.

Vital Germaine

Your culture defines your brand.  Establishing an environment that promotes and enables strong emotional connections amongst your team is crucial to the success of your organization.  It starts with executive leadership and trickles down to your interns.

Healthy and engaging cultures are about happy employees that are unified with themselves and your mission and vision. Strong and clear communication channels, and a positive attitude of collaboration and accountability fueled by trust need to be created. 

It sounds simple, yet many companies fail or overlook the value and impact their culture has on their bottom line and brand strength.


Here are the fascinating results of a survey of more than 1,400 North American CEOs and CFOs, executed by Shiva Rajgopal, an accounting professor at Columbia Business School.

1. Only 15% said their firm’s corporate culture was where it needed to be.

2. More than 90% said that culture was important at their firms.

3. 92% said they believed improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company.

4. More than 50% said corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates.

5. Turnover at companies with a poor culture is 48%

6. Turnover at companies with a great culture is just 14%

ENGAGE is renowned for its ability to inspire teams to see beyond the ego, embrace differences and deny inhibitions. The result for you the client is a more engaged, more focused and dynamic, collaborative team effort. This promotes problem-solving, increases produtivity and efficiency. It also lays a foundation for a healthier and happier work environment where everybody can thrive and thereby strengthen your brand and increase revenue.



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Thank you, Vital Germaine

President, ENGAGE Consulting

The top ten leadership quotes to live by

Vital Germaine

Strong leaders build happy, focused and inspired teams that are committed to elevate the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE by delivering on the brand promise and living up to the expectations and needs of the modern consumer.

The leadership paradigm has shifted. We’re becoming a networking society where collaboration is key, innovation essential, heightened customer experience a must, and responsibility belonging to many individuals, not just one. There is so much more to leadership today than power and having people follow you.

The ultimate purpose and objective of great leaders is to instill belief, hope, direction and inspire greatness from colleagues and employees. 


  1. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. —John Quincy Adams
  2. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. —Peter Drucker
  3. I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. —Ralph Nader
  4. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. —John Maxwell
  5. The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. —Ray Kroc
  6. Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position. —Brian Tracy
  7. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. —Warren Bennis
  8. A leader is a dealer in hope. —Napoleon Bonaparte
  9. You don’t need a title to be a leader. –Multiple Attributions
  10. A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them. —M. D. Arnold

Love and respect should be the driving force behind leadership, resulting in enhanced company culture, motivated and engaged employees hungry to give, deliver and achieve.


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THANK YOU for reading - Vital Germaine

#1 Reason Why Employees Quit

Vital Germaine

We have all experienced at one point in our careers a bad boss! The boss who disrespected us, bullied us, harassed us, was indifferent, rude, belittling or simply didn’t like us. It heavily affected our performance. Maybe you took a few more sick days off as a result. Some of you became less effective or focused on the job. Perhaps your attitude became negative and contagious? Did you become more confrontational, indifferent or even a bad employee?

These are typical symptoms of the unhappy disengaged employee and it costs businesses not only dollars in lost productivity, but heavily impacts customer experience and the reputation of a brand. It only takes one bad manager or boss to cause a chain reaction within your culture.


  1. The number 1 reason why people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor - Gallup poll of more than 1 million employed U.S. workers
  2. 2 MILLION Americans a month voluntarily quit their jobs - The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
  3. 1 in 2 employees are not happy at work - Gallup survey of 25 million employees, part time and full time, in 189 different countries.

To optimize team dynamics it's crucial to have a solid culture that allows employees, if not invites them to thrive. Leadership must constantly and respectfully reinforce that culture and inspire the team to excel and expand. 

You can't blame an employee for quiting on you because their boss is a ??? As an employee, know when to quit and when to stay! Here's a tip (see graphic)

Too many companies allow bad bosses to remain in positions of management or leadership without fully realizing the negative impact is has on their bottom line! Sometimes it's a reflection of the CEO or executive leadership and culture they establish by example.  

As leaders it's wise to frequently self evaluate and make sure you are not the bad boss that makes people quit. Be the boss that inspires greatness. Lead to empower not to have power.

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THANK YOU for reading - Vital Germaine

7 Steps To Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

Vital Germaine

American football broadcaster and former player, Jimmy Johnson says, "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra."

It’s never easy to remain energized and motivated in any work environment. Company culture and leadership can and does influence engagement, but it is ultimately a personal choice as to the work ethic we establish and execute for ourselves. Becoming extraordinary or achieving greatness is an individual endeavor that burns from within.

  1. PASSION: Withou passion, there is niether fuel nor direction to achieve a desired outcome. Passion is more than an intense LOVE or a compelling enthusiasm for an action or goal. It is also a love and compelling enthusiasm for those with whom you work or interact with. In other words... ADD MORE COWBELL, it will take you the extra mile! Nonetheless, passion without a plan is easily wasted! 
  2. PURPOSE: It is crucial to have a "WHY." When our why is evident it adds meaning to what we do and how we do it. Purpose propells us to pursue and achieve because the reason becomes larger and more powerful than just ourselves. Human's have an innate desire or need to have a positive impact on those around us. Tap into that desire or need and inertia will take care of the rest and elevate your successes.
  3. BE CHILDLIKE: By being child-like and curious we find fun in the scary. Our inner child tends to be less handcuffed and willing to explore, stumble and discover. 
  4. HAVE FUN: We are better when laughing, enjoying and having fun... better parents, better friends, better employees, better lovers, BETTER EVERYTHING! We learn more, we experience less fear and are more invigorated, enthusiastic and optimistic when enjoying what we do.
  5. WILLINGNESS TO FAIL: From failure come lessons and experience and new opportunities. The key is to not be afraid and to fail quickly. Use failure as a platform to build upon. It takes courage.
  6. AUTHENTICITY: Be YOUnique. Be you in your truest and best form. Commit to share the best of you consistently and in a way that makes you memorable, likeable and trustable. Share the best of your truest self and inspire those around you to better themselves.
  7. STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE:  That's where the magic happens. That's where ordinary becomes extraordinary! Take the risk, let go, be free, explore, discover, surprise yourself and achieve. Don't be afraid to fail.

If this blog was of value, please feel welcome to borrow and/or share. 

THANK YOU for reading - Vital Germaine