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6 Relevant Company Culture Stats You Need to Know About.

Vital Germaine

Your culture defines your brand.  Establishing an environment that promotes and enables strong emotional connections amongst your team is crucial to the success of your organization.  It starts with executive leadership and trickles down to your interns.

Healthy and engaging cultures are about happy employees that are unified with themselves and your mission and vision. Strong and clear communication channels, and a positive attitude of collaboration and accountability fueled by trust need to be created. 

It sounds simple, yet many companies fail or overlook the value and impact their culture has on their bottom line and brand strength.


Here are the fascinating results of a survey of more than 1,400 North American CEOs and CFOs, executed by Shiva Rajgopal, an accounting professor at Columbia Business School.

1. Only 15% said their firm’s corporate culture was where it needed to be.

2. More than 90% said that culture was important at their firms.

3. 92% said they believed improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company.

4. More than 50% said corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates.

5. Turnover at companies with a poor culture is 48%

6. Turnover at companies with a great culture is just 14%

ENGAGE is renowned for its ability to inspire teams to see beyond the ego, embrace differences and deny inhibitions. The result for you the client is a more engaged, more focused and dynamic, collaborative team effort. This promotes problem-solving, increases produtivity and efficiency. It also lays a foundation for a healthier and happier work environment where everybody can thrive and thereby strengthen your brand and increase revenue.



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Thank you, Vital Germaine

President, ENGAGE Consulting

Life lessons

Vital Germaine

There are many lessons I learned during my years at Cirque du Soleil... some of them I now use to inspire as a speaker because they relate and lend to the business world. Other lessons focus on who we are as individuals, as humans. All the lessons have helped me grow as a person and I gadly share them.

One of the biggest take aways from my 5 years in the company were the lesson learned about integrity and being authentic - being true to who we are and not being afraid of our individuality or expressing it; qualities Cirque thrived on and inspired us to be, encouraged us to do, including being CHILDLIKE and in the moment.

Here is an excerpt from the sequel to FLYING WITHOUT A NET (still yet unnamed and close to publication) - this little "tease" gives a hint as to one of those many lessons.

CHAPTER 13 ~ The Cirque Audition… continued ~

There I stood below the trapeze; confused—a part of me fearless, the other half trembling.

The first part of the Cirque du Soleil audition had been a whirlwind of exploration, discovery, some really crazy shit, and a sturdy reminder to let go of conformity, feel and express without inhibition. Debbie Brown’s creative insanity left me none the wiser, only more curious and eager to play, be silly and have fun at the expense of the clowns, midgets and sword-swallowers I thought lived at the back in trailers.

The coach, Pierre, and his quiet assistant whose name I don’t remember, placed me into a harness. It fit snug around the waist. It squeezed my inner thighs and everything in between. They attached the belt to the bungee cords by a clip that mountain climbers use.

Pierre began my crash course like he had done to the other dancers...

...Instead of dancing up there as the other dancers had done, I played like a child on Christmas day. I made up several silly spur of the moment moves: the suspended swimming frog, followed by the flying monkey, ending with the slow motion astronaut and the seventies aerial robot. I went from zero to genuine clown in under six seconds.

 “It’s fun, non?” asked Pierre.

Debbie and Pierre congratulated me.

I had apparently captured their attention, imagination and curiosity despite having no idea what I was doing. It sometimes pays to be vulnerable and authentic and just do without a plan or a sense of direction—to be spontaneous regardless of circumstance—to reconnect with one’s forgotten inner child and just be.


"It's not always easy to be in the moment, authentic and let go of your inhibitions to be free, to be vulnerable and childlike. But when I do, good things happen!"

Vital Germaine

Adaptability and $$$$ for your business

Vital Germaine

Every successful business needs innovation in order to grow and compete in todays faster than ever, changing business climate. Creativity provides a platform upon which to envision tomorrow'g great ideas – be it developing a new and memorable sensory experience for your clients, or identifying new markets, to implementing innovative marketing and sales strategies, or creating defining products that will separate you from your competitors.

The challenge with creativity is that people often claim to have none,  yet we are all creative! The common confusion is people are not artistic so they claim to not be creative. You don't need to be artistic in order to be creative. However, business needs creativity and a workforce invited to explore, experiment, fail, discover and eventually achieve new heights. 

According to Gallup, forward thinking companies that adapt to trends and implement new approaches, stimulating paradigm shifts, experience on average 20% higher profits.

Are you stimulating sales, broadening your business perspective and promoting growth by inspiring innovation and creativity as a part of your corporate culture?