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3 Simple Steps to Inspiring and Achieving Greatness

Vital Germaine

Many pursue and desire greatness but don't know how to achieve it or inspire it. Fortunately, through years of experience and extensive research, ENGAGE has created relevant and meaningful guidelines or tricks, approaches, attitudes and mindsets that can enthuse, activate, and enable extraordinary results on a personal and/or professional level. 

There is no quick fix, singular formula, pill or overnight solution to inspiring or achieving greatness. It is a process a never-ending pursuit that can be attained more easily than one thinks.

At ENGAGE, we have broken down the process into to 3 simple to follow steps listed below.  We call them: FUEL - AMMUNITION – TOOLS (F.A.T)

Establishing the “why” behind any pursuit or goal, and understanding the purpose and meaning is paramount. The more significant, expansive and encompassing your “why” is, and the greater its positive and relevant impact is on others, the easier it becomes to realize. We are always more driven by a cause that is greater than ourselves.

Here are the 3 SIMPLE STEPS (F.A.T).

  1. FUEL
  • Determination (drive, resilience, persistence)
  • Courage (inner strength)
  • Happiness (joy, love, humor and gratitude)
  • Belief (conviction, confidence)
  • Passion (desire, determination, feelings
  • Patience (endurance)
  • Respect (appreciation, acknowledgment, recognition



  • Meaning (significance)
  • Sense of Purpose (the why, the motivation, objective)
  • Social Relevance (who benefits)



  • Creativity Ingenuity (envisioning, trying new possibilities)
  • Awareness (self awareness and of our environment/people)
  • Childlike Approach (the love of exploration and discovery)
  • Adaptable Perspective (willing to change)
  • Positive Outlook (yes or why not)
  • Willingness to fail (without risk there is little reward)
  • Connectedness (egoless, authenticity, empathy) 

Contact ENGAGE today and allow us to inspire your team to greatness.

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Vital Germaine


Actively disengaged employees cost the US economy $500 billion annually, simply because they are not happy!



  • Is your company culture, or your leadership, remotely contributing to this statistic?
  • Are you inspiring greatness, peak performance, collaboration and happiness from your employees.
  • Is your team as engaged as they should or could be?

The mental wellness of your work force and company culture has such profound effects on your company's bottom line.  It's simple!  When we’re happy, we’re simply better. We’re better leaders, better lovers, better parents, employees, friends… better everything.

Have you ever noticed that when you are happy, things fall into a place a little easier: the sky's a little bluer. You don't notice all the red lights on the way to work - in fact, there are no red lights. When our mindset is positive, we have more clarity, more energy, more focus and of course more confidence. WE BECOME BETTER LEADERS... BETTER HUMAN BEINGS.

The math behind a happier mindset. Happy, forward thinking companies are up to %20 more profitable according to Gallup.  

There is sadly not enough happiness in the workplace.

According to a Gallup, who surveyed 25 million employees in a 189 different countries, to determine employee satisfaction and engagement, concluded that 1 in 2 employees are not happy at work! 

By inspiring relevant paradigm shifts within yourself as well as your company culture, these "unhappy" facts can be turned around very easily. The change will stimulate personal and professional growth and benefits.

On a spiritual level, one could say HAPPINESS is a question of vibrating at a higher frequency. On a chemical or scientific level, it's about stimulating the production of key hormones like, Serotonin, Oxytocin and my favorite, Phenylathamine (chocolate!!!).  Be it spiritual or scientific, happiness comes down to mindset, lifestyle, attitude and perspective. It's the result of a series of choices.

Is your leadership stimulating happiness and satisfaction in your team, thus maximizing their contribution and impact to the relevance and growth your company (or your own life)? If so, SMILE and be happy - stay calm and carry on :)

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Adaptability and $$$$ for your business

Vital Germaine

Every successful business needs innovation in order to grow and compete in todays faster than ever, changing business climate. Creativity provides a platform upon which to envision tomorrow'g great ideas – be it developing a new and memorable sensory experience for your clients, or identifying new markets, to implementing innovative marketing and sales strategies, or creating defining products that will separate you from your competitors.

The challenge with creativity is that people often claim to have none,  yet we are all creative! The common confusion is people are not artistic so they claim to not be creative. You don't need to be artistic in order to be creative. However, business needs creativity and a workforce invited to explore, experiment, fail, discover and eventually achieve new heights. 

According to Gallup, forward thinking companies that adapt to trends and implement new approaches, stimulating paradigm shifts, experience on average 20% higher profits.

Are you stimulating sales, broadening your business perspective and promoting growth by inspiring innovation and creativity as a part of your corporate culture?